Friday, November 6, 2009

Sakai@UD Deployment Update

As many of you probably know if you are ready this post, I am the Project Leader of our WebCT to Sakai migration at the University of Delaware. More that two years ago, before I even started working her at UD, the LMS selection process began with an attempt to get faculty involved with the decision making.

Below is a slidecast of my November 2, 2009 presentation to the Faculty Senate about our progress in migrating users from WebCT to Sakai. Some of you might be interested in some of the metrics that are included in this presentation to sell Sakai as a viable solution for higher education.

More information is available at the following links:

Members of the audience reacted very positively to the slide about the progression of the number of course sites using an LMS, and to the state of the LMS in peer institutions. Sakai has a lot of momentum at this point in time, and it's great to see all these top notch institutions getting onboard!

How is your LMS selection/migration going at your institution? Please leave a comment!

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