Thursday, June 11, 2009

Social Media: What's In It For Me?

I have just completed something I should have done a long time ago... I have created a slidecast of a presentation I gave to the CHEP teaching with technology community of practice back in March 2009.

It's a little long (30 minutes), but it explain the process I have been through and the benefits of constructing a personal learning network (PLN). I hope my story will convince other people to give it a try.

One of the reason why I publish this now is because of Alec Couros' keynote address we had last week at the Summer Faculty Institute. He did a splendid job at exposing what a connected teacher should now be. The video of his presentation is embedded below.

Please share your personal learning network stories in the comments, because the more you share, the more you get back!


Matt T. said...

A virtual colleague of mine and I got into a good discussion about PLNs a few days ago. He had a nice illustration using circles to describe the way he learns. You can read more about it at

Mathieu Plourde said...

@Matt T. Thanks for the link, those concentric circles sure are useful ;-)

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