Thursday, February 21, 2008

Follow-up on the Tiny - Learning From Post-it Notes

Not too long after I published my last blog post, I stumbled upon this article by Tom Kuhlmann about what we can learn as Instructional Designers about Post-it Notes on someone's work station:

Here is a quote from the blog post:

"A few years ago, I worked on an IT elearning project that took months to build. By the time we were ready to roll it out, we found that some of the machine operators had already created a bunch of "cheat sheets" and passed them out to everybody on the floor."

It once again shows that we tend to over-design our learning objects most of the time, putting too much effort and time on trying to reinvent the wheel instead of focusing on productivity. It also examplify that not all learning has to be in a digital format. The real touchable paper-based learning object or job aid still has its place in our everyday life.

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